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Nippy Mosaics

Surely, the beauty of mosaic art is eternal!

The odyssey of Mosaic Art is that it is one of the many beautiful forms of art that has made its presence felt throughout the years, and is dated back to BC

Our group of Mosaics lovers joined in 2007. Not only do we nip, we smash cut, make our own tile bits and melt glass in a friendly studio atmosphere at the Stirling Street Arts Centre

Our materials are sourced from anywhere around the town or further and can include: commercial tiles, made tiles, crockery, glass, mirror and melted marbles - or anything belonging to the ceramic or glass family and beyond.

The base of our pieces is anything that stands still for too long – wood, glass, PVC piping, metal, polystyrene, terracotta, cement, rocks, bricks and designs come courtesy from the stretch of your imagination

Members generally work individually on their masterpieces but the group does collectively produce item/s if commissioned or for a charity or good cause.

Exhibitions and participation in the Centres activities, including the annual Fire, Fibre & Fine Arts exhibition, community fairs and the Gallery Shop, provide the opportunity to sell and display our unique items

Mosaics are a wonderful activity with easily achieved beautiful results for all who try it. New members are always welcome

Meeting Times Monday – weekly 8:30am – 3:00pm


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